The Neighborhood Computing Services team in collaboration with Majenic Technologies is made up of web consultants, designers, programmers and marketing professionals who understand the way people interact with websites, search for information pertaining to your business and are proficient in the latest web technologies.

In addition to our core team, we leverage a small team of consultants who assist in different aspects of the project life cycle.

Success on the Internet takes more than luck. Success takes understanding, planning and flawless execution. To achieve this we've developed the following process which every project follows.

Consultation - The goal of this phase is to understand your needs and begin gathering information, which will help us provide you with the right solution.

Solution Proposal - After we understand your needs, we offer a proposal, which outlines your solution.

Project Plan - Before work begins, we outline each step and place it into a Microsoft Project plan. We've found MS project to be a helpful tool for our customers to understand what's going on and when their solution will be ready.

Solution Design - In this phase our goal is to work with you and design mock-ups of the proposed solution.

Solution Development - Development is the process of taking the design specifications and creating the actual code which will support the design.

Testing - Testing is the process of verifying that each feature of your solution works as planned.

Implementation & Training - Once the solution has been tested we move it into production and train our clients on how to use the new system.